The GDL. Answered.

GDL Answered is the clearest and most comprehensive guide for the Graduate Diploma in Law - whatever your law school 

GDL Answered is a set of distinction-level notes for the Graduate Diploma in Law.

We sell two books - a Core Guide which explains the law and how to apply it to every topic of the GDL, and a Case Book which summarises the facts and legal principles of the GDL cases.

Covers every topic on the GDL.Structured step-by-step answers to any problem question that might come up in your exams.Clear summaries of all the relevant black-letter law.Explanations of all the key cases.Use for revision or as a study guide throughout the year.Designed for BPP, University of Law and other GDL students - may also be suitable for LLB students.Constantly updated.

New Core Guide and Case Book editions now on sale!

We have just updated our GDL Answered Core Guide and Case Book for the 2018-19 academic year. Our updated editions are available to order now. Our new editions will be our most comprehensive yet - updated throughout with a wealth of feedback and changes from current and recently-graduated students. 

The hardest part about studying law is learning to ‘work smart’ in addition to working hard. GDL Answered cuts through the bulls**t and gets to the heart of each topic. Thank you!
— Michelle