The GDL. Answered.

GDL Answered is the clearest and most comprehensive guide for the Graduate Diploma in Law - whatever your law school 

GDL Answered is a set of distinction-level notes for the Graduate Diploma in Law.

We sell two books - a Core Guide which explains the law and how to apply it to every topic of the GDL, and a Case Book which summarises the facts and legal principles of the GDL cases.

Covers every topic on the GDL.Structured step-by-step answers to any problem question that might come up in your exams.Clear summaries of all the relevant black-letter law.Explanations of all the key cases.Use for revision or as a study guide throughout the year.Designed for BPP, University of Law and other GDL students - may also be suitable for LLB students.Constantly updated.

Our new Core Guide and Case Book editions will be available soon!

The latest edition of GDL Answered: Core Guide and GDL Answered: Case Book for the 2018-19 academic year is currently available for purchase. This updated edition is the most comprehensive yet, and has been updated throughout with a wealth of feedback from students and qualified lawyers with multiple years of experience. Our next editions of GDL Answered for the 2019-20 academic year will be released from September 2019.

The hardest part about studying law is learning to ‘work smart’ in addition to working hard. GDL Answered cuts through the bulls**t and gets to the heart of each topic. Thank you!
— Michelle